Rats & Mice Invading Your Home or Business?

Rats and mice in your home, business or hospitality establishment is a very serious problem and should not be taken lightly!

The Problem

Rats and mice carry nearly a dozen diseases directly linked to their presence on a property, and pose a high risk for children, pets and the elderly. Leptospirosis in Seychelles is a major concern, and the biggest spreader of this disease are the rats and mice that get close to humans by getting onto their property!

The problem with rats and mice is that they are very persistent with a very quick breeding cycle - if you have seen one rodent lurking around your property, within a few weeks your problem may grow to a whole colony living on your premises!

Business Owner? You must protect your staff and clients against the threat of disease, as well as avoid destruction to your premises and equipment! Just as important is to protect your Business Reputation - nothing can be as damaging to a business’ reputation – especially in the hospitality industry – than a visible presence of rats & mice on site.



Home owner? You must protect your family against the diseases spread by rats and mice, as well as the destruction they cause to your property and belongings!


Disease – Rodents spread numerous diseases, including Leptospirosis, E.coli & Salmonella

Damage: Their constant need to gnaw results in damge to furniture, possessions, electronics, and even fittings & structural components on your property.

Introducing other parasites: If they gain access to your home or business, they can bring along lice, ticks and fleas.

Breeding: Rats and mice breed rapidly and uncontrollably if left untreated.

Fear: The presence of rats and mice on your premises creates fear and anxiety.


Smell: Strong ammonia–like smell as they urinate frequently. The smell can be very strong and linger for a long time.

Sound: Scratching noises in partition walls and false ceilings
Ripped food packaging

Sightings: Although mostly nocturnal, its is safe to assume that if you have seen one rodent lurking around your property, there are bound to be more, especially after breeding has begun.

Damage: Damaged food packaging, as well as furniture, cables and other belongings.

Evidence: Presence of droppings on the floor or in cupboards.

The Solution


If you have Rats and Mice visiting your home or business you need to have the problem solved right away, before they establish a colony and their population gets out of hand! PESTEA are the pest control experts in Seychelles, and our trained specialists will assess your property and design a tailored treatment plan to exterminate uninvited rodents on your premises!

With years of experience, and backed by Rentokil’s international standards, we are the number one solution for controlling rats and mice in Seychelles! Contact PESTEA today to protect your family and business from rats and mice

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Did you Know?


That PESTEA is the exclusive franchise for Rentokil in Seychelles, meaning that we are backed by their world-wide expertise and governed by their industry leading international standards. That means that we bring you only the best Pest Control in Seychelles!



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