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Of the five human senses, smell is the most powerful with a deep subconscious effect. In fact, up to 75% of the emotions we generate daily are affected by smell. What's more, memories that are created and associated with a certain smell are emotionally driven, and by triggering mental judgement and interpretation, it is also the most influential of our senses

Rentokil Initials' Premium scenting takes advantage of this incredible phenomenon to use the power of smell in your favour! By utilising pleasant smells on your premises to make a positive connection with your visitors, you can add a subtle, yet powerful, dimension to your brand identity.

This makes it perfect for business environments, medical outlets, hospitality establishments, retail outlets, restaurants and your home.

Why premium scenting?

Improve Visitor’s Experience by creating a pleasant smelling environment for your patrons and guests.

Build Brand Identity by uniformly diffusing a specially selected fragrance into the air, Premium Scenting helps create a unique and memorable ambiance, which shoppers and customers will associate with your brand.

Build Brand Loyalty by giving you a subtle, yet powerful, advantage over competitors by creating an emotional link between your visitors and your business’ unique scent. These positive memories will promote repeat visitors who come back for the nostalgia of the good experience.

Boost Your Business by increasing well time, sales, and average spend. Independent research from around the world proves that customers’ moods are lifted by pleasantly scented environments. They therefore feel more comfortable and thus spend more time at your establishment, which leads to improved chances of a sale and increased average spend.

Improve Business Reputation, as Premium Scenting will add to the overall positive experience for visitors to your premises. This will better their opinion of your business, and result in more positive reviews, especially in this day and age of the internet and social media.


  • The average person can recognise approximately 10,000 different smells.
  • No two people experience an odour in the same way.
  • People can recall smells with 65% accuracy after one year.
  • Smell affects the same area of the brain that processes emotions and memory.
  • Smell affects 75% of the emotions we generate on a daily.
  • 40% of customers stay longer in a pleasantly scented environment.


At PESTEA, we are continuously bringing you the latest techniques and product innovations. Initial’s Premium Scenting is an innovative and exciting way to express your brand and to enhance customer experience in your retail space, hotel, gym, and any other public spaces.

Contact us today to set up a consultation. We will survey your space to find the best diffusion solution, testing airflow, measuring space and looking at any air handling solutions you might have. We use a unique diagnostic tool to decide on the most suitable unit, scent setting levels and programme times while working on the most cost-effective way for you to achieve your scenting goals.

Initial Premium Scenting comes in many universes of scents and many different ranges. Our consultant will work with you to identify which scents correctly reflect the image that you want for your brand. Set up a meeting with a consultant, contact us today!

rentokil_initial_hygiene_services_in_seychellesDid you Know? 
That PESTEA is the exclusive franchise for Rentokil Initial in Seychelles, meaning that we are backed by their world-wide expertise and governed by their industry leading international standards. That means that we bring you only the best Hygiene products and services in Seychelles!


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