Looking for Expert Pest Control in Seychelles?

PESTEA is the expert pest control specialist in Seychelles, with the experience, skills and know-how to offer you world class solutions, bringing to you effective treatment and high quality products.

Backed by Hardy Henry Services (Mauritius) and as the exclusive Rentokil Initial franchise in Seychelles, we are governed by Rentokil's high international standards as the world's pest control leader, bringing you the very best pest control service in Seychelles.

Established in 2011 PESTEA currently employs 24 full-time staff,  all trained to RENTOKIL standards and qualified pest control experts. 

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Rid your property of these annoying and disease spreading insects.

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Dirty and spreading disease and destruction, rid your home or business of these nasty insects.

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Rodent Control

Rats and Mice destroy your supplies and belongings, and spread dozens of diseases. Get professional help today!

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Flies & Other Flying Insects

Flying insects invading your home or business can be annoying, affect your reputation, and even spread disease.

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PESTEA can control your termite problems before they do damage to your property and belongings. We have solutions for pre & post construction.

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Hairy Caterpillars

Get expert assistance with ridding your home or business of these poison stinging foes.

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Fungus Gnats

These flying attackers invade in the thousands and are extremely annoying and leave a mess in your home or business.

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Sand Flies

Claim back your beachfront property and rid your establishment or home of these painful, biting flies.

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Other Pests

We don’t just deal with the common ones, see the list of other pests we deal with.

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Invisible or unreachable pests? PESTEA expert fumigation can rid them all.

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