PESTEA Brings You Sanitact™ Sanitary Bins

Female employees, guests and patrons need sensitive solutions for sanitary hygiene

Female employees, guests and patrons need sensitive solutions for sanitary hygiene, and as an employer or business owner, it is your duty to cater needs in a delicate and conscientious way. With PESTEA as your partner, we have the solution to your female hygiene needs.

We have chosen Sanitact™ Sanitary Bins, by Rentokil Initial, for their high standard of hygiene, as well as their sensitive and intelligent design. Backed by our washroom hygiene service facilities, you can rest assured that your female employees and visitors are will looked after.


Safe and Discreet Sanitary Waste Disposal

By offering to your female employees and visitors a discreet and hygienic method to dispose of sanitary waste, they will feel comfortable when using your washroom. PESTEA Seychelles, provides you with Sanitact™ Sanitary Bins and feminine hygiene services to ensure a safe and discreet way to dispose of this sensitive waste.

Essential Sanitary Bin Options

As the sole representative and provider of Initial’s products in Seychelles, PESTEA bring you their essential range of sanitary bins, specifically designed to be placed alongside any type of toilet and provide a subtle way for sanitary disposal.

All of the Sanitact™ Sanitary Bins contain a specific bacterial sterilising solution (BAQUACT) that provides not only an excellent odour control, but also a pleasant fragrance.

Sanitact™ Sanitary Bins are available in two options: manual or no touch. The manual version has a built-in tray that keeps waste out of the view of the user while the no touch version comes with a discreet automatic opening lid that removes all unnecessary contact with the bin.


  • 19-litre capacity.
  • Invisible disposed waste due to the modesty tray.
  • Highly effective bacterial sterilising solution placed into each unit for odour control.
  • Trained PESTEA technicians perform a complete exchange of Sanitact™ Sanitary units at each service.
  • Different sizes of Sanitact™ Sanitary units are available to suit your needs.

PESTEA is the Hygiene Expert in Seychelles

At PESTEA, we know that not all washrooms are created equal, and no two businesses’ hygiene needs are the same. That is why our tailor made service frequency options provide an economic sanitary solution for your business or hospitality establishment. Your sanitary waste is fully managed by our Hygiene Team in a safe and hygienic manner while; through our services you will offer peace of mind to your female washroom visitors.

rentokil_initial_hygiene_services_in_seychellesDid you Know? 
That PESTEA is the exclusive franchise for Rentokil Initial in Seychelles, meaning that we are backed by their world-wide expertise and governed by their industry leading international standards. That means that we bring you only the best Hygiene products and services in Seychelles!


Need Expert Hygiene Advice?

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