The Leading Pest Control & Hygiene Services Provider in Seychelles

Who We Are

Industry Leaders in Pest Control & Hygiene Services

Founded in 2011, PESTEA has been providing residences, hospitality establishments  and business across Seychelles with expert pest control and hygiene services ever since. 

We have partnered with the industry leaders both internationally and regionally (Indian Ocean) to bring you only the best pest control and hygiene solutions and products. 

Rentokil Initial: Rentokil Initial are the world's leaders in pest control an hygiene standards. Their pest control and hygiene standards meet the most stringent international certifications, and their range of products are cutting edge within the industry. We are the exclusive franchise for Rentokil Initial in Seychelles. 

Hardy Henry Services: We have partnered with Hardy Henry Services, the leading pest control and hygiene services provider in Mauritius to form a partnership of support across the Indian Ocean region, benefiting from their expertise and enterprise.  

PESTEA currently employs 24 full-time staff,  all trained to Rentokil Initial standards and qualified pest control and hygiene experts.

PESTEA is proud to be the leading pest control and hygiene services provider in Seychelles, bring you only the highest level of professional service and industry leading products and solutions.


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What We Do

Expert Pest Control, Effective Hygiene

We provide our clients with tailored solutions to meet the demands of their unique pest control and hygiene needs. We work in residential, commercial, business and hospitality environments and have the skills and knowledge to provide you with an effective hygiene strategy for your establishment.

A site survey will be conducted by a PESTEA pest control and/or hygiene expert to establish a tailored action plan designed specifically to meet the demands of your unique pest control / hygiene needs.

Pest Control: Not only are we backed by Rentokil and our pest control experts trained to their high international standards and using only the world's leading products, but we are also Seychellois at heart, and bring our local knowledge to combat the unique pests found in Seychelles. Our common pest solutions cater for rodents, mosquitoes, hairy caterpillars, cockroaches, flies &  other flying insects, sand flies. termites and fungus gnats, as well as other pests found in Seychelles.

Hygiene Services: Not only do we bring you expert & effective washroom and feminine hygiene solutions, but we also supply Rentokil Initial's world leading range of products, including their distinguished Premium Scenting system , as well as their award winning Ultraprotect™ protection.


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