Cobra Electronic Flying Insect Killer

High performance & reliability - built in the UK, now available in Seychelles


Cobra Electronic Fly Killer  [ indoor, back-of-house ]

The Cobra is the first insect light trap to utilise Translucent Technology, which enables it to catch more flies faster while using less electricity.

Maximised UVA output, along with easy servicing and low running costs, have made the Cobra a reliable standard in the insect control industry. This, coupled with its sleek and discreet design make this unit a great solution for your flying insect troubles.  

SCR 3,534.00 (including VAT) 

Cobra Electronic Fly Killer is perfect for restaurants, hotels, warehouses, food-processing works & other commercial ventures

Technical Specifications

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Quick Facts

Glue board replacements are monthly.
 - Uses 1 & 1/3 glue board (glue boards are perforated)
 - You need approx. 16 glue boards per year
Tubes replacement are annually:
 - uses 3 x 15W Electrosect Sleeved tubes

Placement: Back-of-House.
 - Wall-mounted
Size: 344 x 528 x 128mm
Weight:  4.7kg


  180° UVa transmission to maximise attraction levels  
  Faster catch rate removes flies & flying insect threats
      quicker than alternative units

  Increased catch rate of difficult-to-catch fungus gnats
      and fruit & drain flies

  Silent operation and out of sight catch area for total
      discretion in public places

  Easy, fast and safe on-site servicing to maintain
      effective performance at all times

  Low running costs and reduced CO² emissions
  Delivers 2.4x UVA output of conventional units,
      resulting in 186% more flies caught