Cri-Cri Moon Outdoor Flying Insect Killer

Made in Italy, affordable and effective in Seychelles


Cri-Cri Moon Outdoor Electronic Fly Killer

The Cri-Cri Moon Outdoor Electronic Fly Killer  matches affordability with an effective & durable outdoor solution to your flying insect troubles. Silent, stylish, powerful and discreet - and with a range of up to 300m² -  the Cri-Cri Moon is the perfect outdoor solution for homes, businesses, restaurants & tourism establishments. 

SCR 1495.00 (including VAT) 

Technical Specifications

Product Video

Quick Facts

  Environmentally safe.
  No noise - silent & discreet.
  Safe, easy & quick to clean.
  Made in Italy. CE compliant.
  Affordable, long lasting and effective.
  No chemicals used.No smoke no smell.
  Perfect for outdoors - homes, businesses,
  restaurants & hotels. 
  To help control all flying insects especially,
  mosquitoes & fungus gnats. 
  Effective range of up to 300m²

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