Illumé Stylish Decor Flying Insect Killer

High performance & reliability - built in the UK, now available in Seychelles


Illumé Stylish Decor Flying Insect Killer

The Illumé flying insect control unit has been designed in a timeless art deco style that can be incorporated within any interior décor. Perfect for front of house use as well as in domestic kitchens or homes. Controls flies effectively yet in a attractive, modern way compared to traditional fly killer units.

OUT OF STOCK (for now) SCR 1725.00 (including VAT) 

Technical Specifications

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Quick Facts

Glue board replacements are monthly.
 - Uses 1 x illume glue board / month
 - You need approx. 12 glue boards per year
Tubes replacement are annually:
 - uses 2 x Mini 15W tubes

Placement: Front-of-House.
 - Wall-mounted
Size: 445 x 142 x 140mm
Weight:  2.2kg


  Art deco 'uplighter' design to compliment any interior
      styling & decor schemes  

  Colour & Finish options to match any existing room
      colour choices

  Silent operation and out of sight catch area for total
      discretion in public places

  Single 26w output UVa lamp gives more attraction than
      other units of its size

  Specially designed controls boards for full HACCP
      Program Compliance

  Largest fly catch area for a unit of its size
  Easy, fast and safe on-site servicing to maintain
      effective performance at all times