Liberator Electronic Flying Insect Killer

Optimum Performance & Reliability for Commercial Fly Catch Applications


Liberator Electronic Fly Killer

The Liberator Electronic Fly Killer features excellent design and quality with a focus on great performance and reliability. It is one of the quickest and easiest to service insect light traps on the market, and they  are very economical to run.

The insects are attracted to the unit by four 15W UVa lamps and become permanently trapped on its specially formulated glueboard. Glue-boards are replaced monthly, whereas the UV lamps are only replaced once a year.

SCR 6,127.50 (including VAT) 

Liberator Electronic Fly Killer is perfect for restaurants, hotels, warehouses, food-processing works & other commercial ventures

Technical Specifications

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Quick Facts

Glue board replacements are monthly.
 - uses 2 x Universal glue boards
 - You need 24 glue boards per year
Tubes replacement are annually:
 - uses 4 x 15W Electrosect Sleeved tubes

Placement: Back-of-House.
 - Wall-mounted or suspended from ceiling
Size: 465 x 490 x 170mm
Weight:  10kg


  Wall mounted & suspended options to cover all
      high-risk locations.

  Easy, fast & safe on-site servicing for max. effective
      performance at all times .

  Glue board & high-voltage grid options for best
      specification operation in all areas.

  High UVa output (4 x 15w)for maximum atraction
      against competing UV sources.

  Fully HACCP compliant.
  Worldwide safety certification for confidence in
      regulations & safety-in-use.