Turbine Flying Insect Killer (Industrial, Agricultural)

High performance & reliability - built in the Italy, now available in Seychelles


Turbine Electronic Fly Killer  [ Industrial, Agricultural ]

The Turbine is of particular value for agricultural and industrial operations. In these environments, the use of chemical insecticides could compromise the manufacturing/farming process and could damage stock, crops or the health of animals. Turbine on the other hand, uses the attractive action of its lamps on flying insects. When they reach the front window, they get sucked in by the action of a fan powered by an electric motor, and deposited in the lower part of the appliance, from where they cannot escape.

With a large 25litre catchment bag, the Turbine is heavy duty solution which requires less regular maintenance and cleaning than smaller units.  What's more, due to it's size and capability, the Turbine is also great for hotels and resorts with large properties to protect.   

SCR 6,800.00 (including VAT) 

Turbine Electronic Fly Killer is perfect for farming operations, animal & livestock sheds, hotels/resort with large properties, food-processing works & other commercial ventures

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Technical Specifications

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Dimensions in mm: 407 x 356 x 941 mm
Weight: 11 kg
Input Voltage: 230-240V/50Hz
Total Power Consumption: 165W
Actinic lamps: 2 x 40W
Duration of lamps: 2000hrs
Range of operation: 15/18 m
Fan rotation speed: 1000 rpm
Air Intake Volume: 4 m/s
Insulation Class: |
Water protection level: IPX4