Pests Invading Your Home or Business?

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The Problem

Pests are harmful to our health, carry diseases and cause degradation of our buildings and our material possessions. They cause discomfort and irritation, they spread disease and incur damage.

Whether around our homes, or bringing disrepute to our businesses, various types of pests can be present, and each requires a specific method of control. 



The Solution

PESTEA is the pest control specialist in Seychelles. Our highly trained and knowledgeable technicians use their knowledge and skills, along with high quality products and effective techniques, to offer you tailor made pest control strategies to help you manage and control pests in your home or business.

As a certified Rentokil Initial agent, we are backed by their high international standards and bring you the best pest control and hygiene services in Seychelles.

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Apart from the common pests that we deal with in Seychelles - such as MosquitoesCockroachesHairy CaterpillarsTermites, Sand Flies, and Rodents,  as well as Flies & other Flying Insects - we also offer pest control for the following pests: 


pest-control-in-seychelles_lizards_and_geckosLizards & Geckos

pest-control-in-seychelles_spiders_scorpionsSpiders & Scorpions

Pigeons & Other Birds



pest-control-in-seychelles_bed-bugs_mites_lice_iconMites, Lice & Bed Bugs

pest-control-in-seychelles-snails-icon_2Snails & Slugs

pest-control-in-seychelles-wood-borerWood Borer Beetles

pest-control-in-seychelles_ticks_and_fleasTicks & Fleas

pest-control-in-seychelles_any_pestAnd any other crawling or flying insect . . .

Did you Know?


That PESTEA is the exclusive franchise for Rentokil in Seychelles, meaning that we are backed by their world-wide expertise and governed by their industry leading international standards. That means that we bring you only the best Pest Control in Seychelles!



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