Rats & Mice Invading Your Home or Business?

Rats and mice in your home, business or hospitality establishment is a very serious problem and should not be taken lightly!

The Problem


Rodents pose a huge threat to your health and hygiene of your establishment.

They cause life threatening diseases and failure to control them can incur huge financial loss and affect your reputation as a business.Rodents are carriers of numerous diseases such as plague, murine typhus fever, jaundice, weil’s disease, rat-bite fever, lepto meningitis and rabies.

They will gnaw their way through furniture, packaging, belongings and even electrical cables - which can cause fires and disrupt their environment with the damage they cause.

The mere presence of a rat inside your establishment will go a long way in destroying your reputation and will incur huge damage to your business.

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The Solution


A PESTEA pest control expert will conduct a free-of-charge survey on your Seychelles premises. The survey will include a description of all proofing requirements and a detailed account of methods and rodenticides to be used to achieve control, and we will issue you with a report including recommendations and a detailed quotation.

Effective treatment will improve morale and ensure compliance safeguarding hygiene standards. Many leading companies trust us so can you. After an initial assessment, PESTEA will monitor your premises on a regular basis and where necessary renew treatment.

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Did you Know?


That PESTEA is the exclusive franchise for Rentokil in Seychelles, meaning that we are backed by their world-wide expertise and governed by their industry leading international standards. That means that we bring you only the best Pest Control in Seychelles!



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