Termites Invading Your Home or Business?

The most destructive insect pests on the planet, they must be stopped sooner rather than later!

The Problem

Termites are the most destructive insect pests in the world. They are very damaging to homes and businesses, as well as furniture, equipment and fittings. A Termite infestation can incur huge financial losses and cause damage to your building - probably your most valuable asset - so naturally you want the best service provider to ensure you have an effective termite control strategy.

The Solution

PESTEA are the Pest Control Experts in Seychelles, and we offer cutting edge an effective Termite Control solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Are you building a new property? Our Termite Pre-Construction Solution can safeguard your new investment right from the start.

Having issues with termites on an existing residential or business property? Let our team of pest control experts survey your premises and offer you a tailored termite control strategy that suits your needs.


Termites: Pre-Construction

PESTA brings KORDON® Termite barrier to Seychelles - Win the war against Termites - before you’ve even started building!

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Termites: Post-Construction

PESTEA brings a powerful Anti-Termite Baiting System to Seychelles - Get rid of termites on your premises, and protect your buildings and belongings.

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Termites: Termite Detection

PESTEA brings you a revolutionary termite (and other WDO) detection technology to Seychelles - Detect the presence of termites and other wood destroying organisms, before the damage is done!

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Need Expert Pest Control Advice?

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