Cockroaches Invading Your Home or Business?

Cockroaches are never good to have around your property, spreading mess, destroying your food & belongings and even spreading diseases & bacteria

The Problem


Once they arrive, a cockroach infestation can be difficult to get rid of. Not only do they breed rapidly and are experts at hiding away in hard-to-reach places, cockroaches are extremely hardy - they can live up to one month without food, up to two weeks without water and up to one week without their head!

A Cockroach infestation may be difficult to pick-up at first as they are mostly active at night, but if you have seen them during the day this can indicate a high level of infestation on your property. You may also have noticed the damage they have caused to food & books, seen their droppings, or smelled a strong odour in dark places such as under your kitchen sink (this is the smell of their urine & feaces!)

More than a nuisance and filthy house guests, cockroaches are known to carry numerous diseases and bacteria, such as, salmonella, gastro-enteritis, dysentery and typhoid and can spread up to 33 different kinds of bacteria. Their droppings can cause eczema and triggers asthma attacks.

Risks of a Cockroach Infestation on Your Property: 

  • Disease Carriers: Various diseases and ailments, as well as 33 bacteria.
  • Contamination: When they snack on your food, they contaminate it. The risk is higher with children, with the elderly and those fighting illnesses.
  • Damage: To your health, your books, your food and your goods-They will eat almost anything.
  • Breeding: Cockroaches breed rapidly and uncontrollably if left untreated.
  • Unpleasant smell: They live in cold, dark places and their faeces and urine gives off a particularly unpleasant smell under these conditions.

The Solution


A PESTEA Cockroach expert will visit your property and assess the scale of your infestation and the unique breeding environment of your premises. After this initial site survey, your PESTEA pest control representative will formulate a tailored action plan to rid your Seychelles property of cockroaches and break the breeding cycle to avoid immediate infestation, safely and effectively.

Backed by Rentokil Initial and their high level of international standards, PESTEA’s pest control experts know the best solutions to protect your home and your family and to reduce the risk of re-infestation.

Get rid of those unwanted house guests, contact us today!

Did you Know?


That PESTEA is the exclusive franchise for Rentokil in Seychelles, meaning that we are backed by their world-wide expertise and governed by their industry leading international standards. That means that we bring you only the best Pest Control in Seychelles!



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