PESTEA brings KORDON® and GUNDLE® Anti-Termite barriers to Seychelles!

Win the war against Termites - before you’ve even started building!

The Problem

Termites feed on wood, which means on your property they will feed on furniture, fittings, and even structural sections of the building itself, causing thousands of Rupees worth of damage and in severe cases leaving your property irreparable.

Termites live in colonies that can be made of tens of thousands, or even millions, of these wood eating machines! These insects can infiltrate your building through any space as small as 0.7mm! They work out of sight and by the time you notice the damage they are causing it is already too late - by this stage the colony has grown and they have been at work for many months already!

If you are currently building, or planning a construction project in the future, the best thing you can do to safe-guard your property is too keep termites away from the start . . .


The Solution

Prevention is better than cure! If you are investing in a new property development or additions to your existing properties, the best action you can take is to prevent termites from ever becoming a problem to begin with. Anti-Termite barriers installed during construction will protect your property with an impenetrable seal around your buildings, keeping Termites out. 

PESTEA offers two world-class solutions to choose from:


  • PESTEA is the exclusive distributor and accredited installer in Seychelles for Bayer France’s patented KORDON® termite barrier system, protecting homes and buildings right from the start.

  • Now available from PESTEA, Gundle’s Anti-Termite sheeting is tear and puncture resistant to prevent rising damp through the floor slab and it is also termite resistant too, creating an essential barrier to protect your home. 


KORDON Anti-Termite Barrier
Chemically Treated Anti-Termite Construction Poly Sheets

The KORDON® termite barrier system is installed during construction and will protect your property for up to 50 years. The KORDON® termite barrier is the combination of a physical and chemical barrier intended to prevent termites from entering the buildings.



Anti-Termite & Damp Construction Poly Sheets

Gundle’s Anti-Termite sheeting is tear and puncture resistant to prevent rising damp through the floor slab and it is also termite resistant, creating an essential barrier to protect your home.


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